Journey of XDT ...

    We started with our first assignment from New Zealand in the year 2009 and now working for various clients around the globe. The story begins with a Timber Truss Takeoffs work right from the giant client from the west part of New Zealand, we worked hard to please our first client and soon we got the reward in the state of extension of the project, for our early life we were concentrating on Timber designs but later we tried our wings opened and started IT section.

  XDT, in these 13 years, has grown up from 2 designers to 25 as a team. A good interesting mix of seniors and juniors makes the environment healthy and energetic by every means. We are now having 2 different sectors, IT and Engineering. We have touched major countries like the US, Canada, England, Singapore, and New Zealand so far. Different time zones and cultures are always excited to work more enthusiastically.

    Quality and time punctuality is our prime goals. We are now geared up the things and a long path is on the cards in the coming future.